Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How to use a third party SIP softphone with your Vonage Account

This is real easy. The Vonage server uses SIP in a very standards compliant way and makes use of SIP forking etc which allows multiple phones to register as well.

Here are some pointers to help:

1) The vonage SIP Proxy is basically or sphone.vopr.vonage.net
2) You will need to get a userid and password for your softphone account from Vonage.

That's pretty much it. After that you can register any standards compliant SIP Softphone like SJPhone or a more sophisticated solution like WebAstra to work with your Vonage account!


dan rogy said...

I am looking for voip sip sdk solution

I have found

Did anybody used it?

Susation said...

Can you clarify- do I have to be paying Vonage the extra to have a softphone or can I use a third party dialer and my regular account password to make this happen.

Susation said...

Do you know if I have to pay Vonage the extra and get the softphone feature from them in order to use a 3rd party solution?
Of can I use my current credentials that I use to access my account and the IP information you provided?

Medhavi said...

Hi Susation,

Last I tested a few years back, Vonage had increased security and you had to get a softphone key from them which means without paying you couldnt get a standards based soft phone to work. This key is used for authentication with the network.

You should call their technical support and tell them you cannot get your softphone to work and see if they can give you a password or tell what it is. They may route you back to customer support to buy...