Monday, June 23, 2008

The Zimbra for Mobile: Funambol

Funambol has an open source approach to Mobile Email and Mobile Sync. Some say that Funambol is out to take out RIM. They have a model similar to what I saw last with SugarCRM - free for Enterprise IT users or personal sync and you can buy the enterprise edition. I think that is a good model and the space needs a competitor as well. The software appears to be licensed under the AGPL, again I have seen that after a while. For those not familiar with AGPL (Affero GPL), it is a stricter form of traditional GPL license in that you cannot even host it w/o disclosing source code.
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Wix and Sprout: Online Flash Editors

If the thought of having to learn flash to make the delightful widgets and apps ever occurred to you, then here are two tools for you: Wix and Sprout. I tried Sprout myself and it was extremely easy to use (I am still waiting for a Wix Invite). Sprout's focus seems to be the creation of widgets - small pockets of content with rich media you can put on your blogs or websites to promote anything you want or tell people about yourself (the new jazzed up way against the old boring image of yourself). Wix on the other hand is more focused on building a full website.

Other differences include the fact that Sprout is on the West Coast (and Hawaii) and Wix is in NY and the former is kind of ahead in that it recently got its Series A with Polaris ($5M).
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